In Awe

    Why don’t pelicans need another set of feathers for the winter?

    How do plants know which way to grow?

    Why do animals change their coats?

    How can algae live in that?

    Why do we have seasons?

   There is a Grand design at work all around us. If you are paying attention to it, you can see all the amazing wonders of God’s Grand Design at work all the time. I can’t explain it, nor do I need to. I’m just a man who loves the outdoors and wants to encourage others to do the same. I am a Christian and I understand that my understanding of things isn’t as important as knowing that God has a plan and that if He can create such an amazing world, He has a plan for me in it.

   I’ve been fishing most of my life so a love for the outdoors isn’t something I had to learn. It’s just part of who I am. It is also the way I understand a lot of what God wants me to understand. Jesus and the outdoors have taught me most of what I know and love about the world I live in. I write to share it with others and hopefully will open their eyes too. 

  Some things don’t have to be so complicated in life. All we have to do is let things happen and they usually will. Just look around and see what is happening in the little world outside your door.


   If we pay attention to things around us we will start to notice a pattern or system in the chaos. The world is not just a bunch of random things happening all at once. There is a Grand Design to it. 

    Animals breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants breathe carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. It happens on land and in water. A constant exchange of what is needed and discarding of what is not by one and then reversed by the other. It is the basis for life in our little world. We can go for days without water, weeks without food, but only minutes without air. 

    Our world changes as the days go by. We have seasons, times for growing and times for resting. Day and night. Rest and awake. If we try to break the cycle, we start to deteriorate. Sleep deprivation causes all kinds of health issues. Stick to the plan or the Grand Design and we thrive. 

Plants grow during spring and summer and go dormant during fall and winter.We have a time to plant and a time to harvest and a time to prepare for the next time. Over and over and over the cycle continues.

     Roots grow down and stalks grow up. This is one nobody can explain but all now it’s true. Take any seed, put it in any type of rowing material and the roots go down and the plant grows up trying to reach the light. Every single type of plant in our world will do this because there is a plan in place that is not dependent on our understanding of it. It just is. It’s balanced.



   I spend time on the water and have spent a lot of time watching birds. I’m not a birder or anything. I use them to find fish. My air born spotters are very handy for catching fish. There are things about them that are truly amazing.

   They don’t need any other clothing to survive the seasons. Heat of summer they fly and sit on the water and do the same in the cold of winter. Some of them fly south for the winter but still wear the same feather year-round. They never get too hot or too cold. 

   Mammals change their coats for the seasons. In the winter they grow longer and thicker coats and, in the summer, they shed it and grow thinner ones. Nobody has to tell them to do this, and it isn’t something they learn how to do. They just do it because of the plan.

    Some mammals have found another way to deal with the coldest months. They eat all they can during the summer and fall then go find a nice little shelter somewhere and nod off. They sleep through the most barren time of the year. Then wake up in spring and come out hungry and go looking for food. They do this every year. It’s called hibernation.

There is a frog in Siberia that can become completely frozen in the winter and when it warms up in the spring it thaws out and hops away. It becomes a solid chunk of ice for months of the year then just hops away. No freezer burns or frostbite. It didn’t need oxygen or food or anything. It didn’t learn how to do this; it just knows the grand design at work.

   There is a place in Wyoming called Yellowstone Park. It’s the caldera for a super-volcano. Hot water gushes to the surface and sprays high into the air. There are also hot springs in the area that are some of the most amazing pools in nature. They are all the colors of the rainbow because of algae that grows in them. The water itself is completely toxic, at least to most life forms. It’s boiling for the most part and contains all sorts of elements that would kill most living organisms, but the algae found a way to thrive. The grand design is at work in all places.

Born Knowing

    In my time outdoors I’ve seen lots of creatures make little homes. Squirrels have their nests where they reside in the trees. Birds build nests of different types in trees or high places as well. I’ve even watched a wasp start to build its little place for a nest too. It was amazing how quick that little wasp built its nest. Constantly flying back and forth from the dirt to the place under the roof. 

   It was watching the wasps build their little nests that I realized they had not been taught how to do this. They are encased as larvae in the nest, come out as a small wasp, then fly off to start their own nest somewhere after winter. 

    They never saw how the nest was built. They came out knowing how to do everything they will ever need to do in this world. Not just insects either. Reptiles, mammals, even the birds are all born knowing how to do almost everything they will need to do in this world.

     When birds get old enough, they don’t go to flight school, they simply leave the nest. They leap and learn to fly on the way down. They learn to use their wings before they hit the ground and they are off to start their own little bird lives: Building a nest, getting a mate, and the cycle of life continues. The Grand Design.

 Salmon and some other fish return to the stream they were born into to spawn. They travel thousands of miles in their lives out in the ocean until the day comes when it is time for them to renew the cycle. From wherever they are in the world they start heading to the one stream they were born in to lay eggs and have other children. None of them will survive this trip back home. Their death means life continues. Not one of them has to be told to do this or needs directions back.

   For the most part people are not born knowing a whole lot. It seems we don’t have any instincts at all, on land anyway. If you take a brand-new baby just out of the womb and place it in a pool, it will hold its breath and swim. Place it on land and it will lay there helpless but in water we have instincts. I don’t know what this means. I just find it remarkable especially as someone who feels more at home on water than land. Maybe we are all born fisher people. I don’t know, God doesn’t explain His whole plan to me and probably never will.

We Struggle

   If we look around us we can see the Grand Design at work everywhere. The smallest part of creation has a place just like the largest parts of creation. It all works together like a balanced machine. To understand how enormous the Grand Design really is is beyond our little human brain’s capabilities. 

    The one thing that has to find its way in this design is us. People are not born knowing how to make our homes. We do not have protection from the elements. We do not know how to find food or what to eat. We have no natural weapons or defenses. Our instincts about most things are probably wrong or have been misguided for so long we forgot what the truth is. We struggle against the world we live in. We have to learn to crawl and then walk and then run. We have to learn to make our way in the world.

    We transform the world to suit our needs instead of learning to work with Grand Design. We have a Cartesian logic about most of the world and Rube Goldberg plans on how to fix what isn't broken to begin with. The whole time this is happening the truth of what should be is all around us, but only a few open their eyes enough to actually see it.

 I am a Christian and I love the world God created. I am in a constant state of awe and excitement as I witness it happening all around me. I don’t need to understand it or change it. I want to be more part of it and closer to God who created it. 

    Looking at what people created and how flawed it is I don’t understand why more people's eyes haven't opened to the truth yet. That’s also not for me to understand. I am glad God opened my eyes to His creation and has helped guide me to my place in it.

    The world we live in, the heavens and stars are also part of that world, all work according to a plan. A Grand Design. I have only touched on a small infantile part of it in this article. If you look around, and start to see it, you will be in as much awe of the wonders and beauty of it as I am. 

    I try to stay clear of the things designed by people because they don’t seem to work out too well. I like keeping my focus on the good in the world. The world, and everything else, was created by God, and I will never be able to fully understand it. I am humbled and in awe of it every moment I am awake. I am also very grateful that I am awake and looking in the right places for inspiration and guidance. I can’t force people to see but I can try and shine a light on what I believe they should be looking at. Getting them to actually notice it, well, I haven't figured that part out yet. I might not ever figure that out, but I will keep trying and keep living and trying to be better and more understanding and more compassionate and all of it. . .

in AWE!




Live by FAITH. Love the Outdoors. Life is Out HERE!

written by Benajmin Evans