It’s just rain

    Years ago, I heard a saying “A brave man likes the feel of nature on his face and a wise man has sense enough to get out of the rain.” I like the outdoors, so I know a lot about how nature feels on my face. I didn’t always like it. In fact, I down right hated it sometimes and wished I had been smarter and not left the dock.

    It got me thinking about the way I do some things or at least why I do them. Not everything. I couldn’t explain all the ways I am the way I am if I wanted to, and I don’t . . . want to. I’m not a psychiatrist and have doubts about the profession in general but that’s another article.

   After experience and self-examination, I came up with a couple of rules of my own about nature, in particular: RAIN. I don’t have a lot of rules in life, most of them come from the Bible, the rest is based on my experience and who I am. I AM NOT PERFECT nor will I EVER BE. I’m fine with that. The rules I have about fishing are pretty much the same rules I live by for everything else. It’s easy, and uncomplicated and it works for me. I have no delusions that everybody else in the world could live by them, but I do.

    When I say rule, it’s more of a guideline than a strict code. I’m a work in progress and will always be. You have to be flexible to be a good fisherman and a good man. Things are usually: Situational. Good will always be good and bad is still bad. Most of it is a choice we make. I choose good.

    I can be brave and occasionally I can be smart. Funny how those two don’t quite seem to happen at the same time very often. Taking a chance on the right opportunities would be the rare occasion that brave and smart do happen at the same time. Being brave enough to stay in the rain when I’m catching is one of the times smart and brave have happened at the same time. Some people might disagree. 

    The right people for me will understand it.

  If I’m fishing

    I have a general rule when it comes to fishing: I won’t leave the dock in the rain. It’s a rule that has served me well over the years. If I get up and walk outside and it’s raining, I don’t go fishing. Fishing is NOT catching and sitting in the rain hoping I might catch something stops being a good time pretty quickly.

   I know this because I have done it.

   Sitting in a boat not catching something and getting soaking wet makes my mind start to drift to all the other things I could be doing and not getting rained on.” I could be home and dry and doing anything else. Why am I still here?”

   It doesn’t take very long before I start heading back in and doing anything else. That’s why I came up with my little rule about leaving the dock in the rain.

    I could probably be talked into it by the right person or if it was for a good enough reason but left up to my own devices, I’m not leaving the dock in the rain. I might keep an eye open for the weather to change during the day but for the most part I’ll find something else to do.

    The other side of my rule is “I won’t leave if they are biting.” The weather can turn from a beautiful day in the boat to a scene from a Weather channel advisory clip and if they are biting, I won’t budge. 

    That’s the difference between catching and fishing, as long as I’m catching, or at least getting bites, I’ll stay. The rain is just something I have to tolerate to catch fish. I hardly even notice the rain when I’m catching fish.

 I do notice the lighting. When lightning starts popping off, I start looking for something higher to hide under or just head straight home. Lightning is dangerous, rain is annoying. I can deal with annoying to fish, mosquitoes are annoying too, but they won’t keep me from fishing either. 

Lightning though: I’m gone. That’s when bravery gives way to wisdom.

  “I could stay and keep trying but I’m not willing to die for it.” I would much rather live to fish another day. I have nothing to prove to the weather, or to most people actually. I live my little life the way I think God wants me to and how other people think I should live it doesn’t really cross my mind. This might all change when the right one comes along but till then my conscience and heart will guide me. As long as I’m good with God, I’m good. Though I am pretty sure I have heard Him laughing at me for trying things occasionally.

     He understands though. I’m only human. I make mistakes, it’s called life and I have a long way to go before it’s over. I will see Heaven one day and fish with Jesus,. . .One day.

The rest of the time

     If I’m not fishing, I hardly notice the weather unless it starts snowing. I turn into a kid immediately if that happens.

 “Let’s make a snowman.” 

I’ll run out into it without putting on a jacket. Then I turn blue and realize I forgot it and head back in. gets on my jacket and back out. I turn into an eight-year-old boy in seconds. It’s not just me either, snow turns people of all ages into children who just want to play. It’s an amazing sight to see elderly people playing in the snow, but they do.

     In all honesty there are a lot of things that turn me into a kid again or at least bring out a childlike innocence. I like to think there is a woman out there that will appreciate my innocent wonder and way of seeing things. I can also cook, so I got those things going for me. I might not be everything she thought I would be right now, but I could be. A diamond in the ruff for the right one, just a little polishing here and there. I’m really not that complicated. If you want to know, just ask me in person. But enough about me.

   I rarely check the weather. I have always been more of a: just walk outside and see type of person. Weather people get it wrong all the time, going outside and looking never lies. 

 “There is weather outside, if you can’t tell what it’s doing while you're inside, it’s probably not that bad.”


    It would be great if we lived in a world where the weather was perfect all the time or it would just get boring. I guess that depends on what you think perfect is. I have no idea what perfect is, so I appreciate the changes in weather. If we never have rainy days, we would never appreciate sunny days. I like rainy days. I also like snowy days even though I have not seen that many, 

   I plan on changing that soon. My time will come, and God has a plan.

Then it’s Not

    The point is that there are things happening in the world all the time that are beyond my control. Usually the only thing I can control is how I respond to it. Some things I avoid all together, some things I can tolerate to accomplish something else, when it gets dangerous it’s time to leave so I can come back another day. I’m not a hero, but if someone else's life depended on it, I would like to think I would become who I needed to be in that moment. I like to think everyone would but that might just be more of my innocent look at the world. I hope I am right about it though. I believe there is good in most people even if it hasn’t been developed yet. No, it’s not my job to do that either. 

     There is a difference between a problem and an inconvenience. Rain is an inconvenience that I can work with, Lightning can be a problem. I have no control over when or where they will happen. The “probably won't but could happens” happen all the time. 

    Rain is just rain, until it’s not just rain anymore. When it freezes and becomes snow it brings out good in most people, when it becomes a full-fledged storm with lightning and gale force winds, it’s time to seek shelter and wait till it passes. Then the sun comes out and everything is good again. Then it’s just rain . . . again.

 Technically the sun was shining through all of it. We just couldn’t see it because of the clouds. I guess that means everyday is a sunny day. Perception of things can change depending on where you are looking from but that’s another article for another rainy day.

    I probably could find something to be happy about everyday. I know I can, I do all the time. I don’t ever have days that I am completely mad or disappointed all the time. I have moments throughout the day that go from one place to another. It’s called life and for the most part I like it. I wish I had some things that I don't have right now but most of those things can’t be bought, they have to be found and I will keep looking till I find what I’m looking for. 

    Mainly someone I can trust and does not think she is perfect would be a game changer for me. God has a plan and He will find a way.

    Today the sun is out, the weather is nice, and I finished work early. Time to go fishing.




Live by Faith. Love the Outdoors. Life is Out HERE!

written by Benjamin Evans