Fishing with Kites

     Fishing is a peaceful activity that usually doesn’t involve a lot of thinking. We have to decide what lure or bait to use and where to go, and what to catch. That’s usually about it. After that it’s pretty much up to the fish. No matter how much we think we have a say in what we catch, we really don’t. Fishing is pretty much trial and error and learning from our mistakes. We can come up with new ways to improve our chances but ultimately it should be an enjoyable experience EVEN if we DON’T CATCH ANYTHING. A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work. Then I saw some people who have taken fishing in a whole new direction. They are making it complicated. OVERCOMPLICATED would be a better way to describe it. I like a simple, easy, peaceful, that was a great day type of fishing. But this, this is too much my fellow fishermen. 


    I was watching a fishing show the other day where some guys were trying to catch trout using a kite. They actually did manage to catch a couple and the whole thing was pretty funny. Then they made a drone version of it that worked too. I just thought they were having fun but there is actually a way to fish with kites. 


   I think I’m pretty well informed when it comes to fishing. However, there are ways of fishing that have eluded me so far. One of them has been kite fishing. This is a serious form of fishing. I couldn’t believe it. Just proved none of us knows everything about anything. We are all works in progress and learning is a lifetime venture.

How to

   Kite fishing is way to suspend baits or lures with a kite. The kite flies out and keeps the bait at the surface. The kite has a separate line that the fishing lines are attached to so that when a fish hits the bait the line pulls free and the kite stays up. You can then fight the fish from the rod and reel it’s attached to. Some people have multiple lines coming from one kite.

    The basic idea is that the kite keeps your bait close to the surface so predators that hunt there will see it and not be able to resist it. It’s mostly done in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.


   Kite fishing does catch fish. It does produce results. It works exactly like it is supposed to. It keeps baits at a certain depth and when a fish hits it pulls free. You can watch a lot of videos of people catching fish using kites. 

   My question is this:

Is this the easiest way to do this?

This might have been the wrong way

   You can catch all the fish this method is trying to catch in a lot of other ways. 

  • TROLLING - pulling a lure or bait behind a moving boat. Works great! You can adjust the depth you fish in by using different lures or adjusting the boat speed
  • CORK -  the good old fashioned cork keeps bait and lures at a certain depth that you can adjust either by ties a line under a cork from a swivel or using a sliding cork
  • TOP WATER LURES -  There are lures that are mad to float. They imitate a fish struggling on the top of the water. Fish, like most predators, like the easiest meal

  All of these methods produce the same results but are a lot easier to do. Trolling is hands free fishing till something hits. Put the rod in a rod holder and do anything else as long as you have somebody to drive the boat. You can troll solo too, I do it all the time.

 My main problem with this is all the extra rigging. You have to have a line out for the kite. You have to have a way to attach regular fishing lines to that line. They often have more than one line attached. That’s a lot of lines coming from the same thing. You can troll multiple lines too and it’s a lot easier. You just drop the bait in and let out the line. Wait till something hits. FIGHT!

    None of the videos showed how the kite worked in length. From what I have seen about kites is that they move depending on the wind. They are not exactly stable ways of suspending something for any length of time. It seems like the bait would either be deeper than you want or flying through the air. Deeper would definitely be better of the two but a cork works better for this, so does trolling. If you want to sit still and fish: Use a cork. 

I like fishing because it’s easy

    Can you use a kite to catch fish? YES, you can.

   Is it worth it? For a laugh, maybe, or if you have gotten bored with fishing and are looking for a new challenge, SURE.

    One of the main reasons I like fishing is because it’s simple. I don’t really have to think about it. I can just do it. Cast out a line and wait for a bite. Simple.

    Kite fishing seems like it has gone in a completely different way. Instead of making things easier or simpler, it makes things more complicated than it needs to be.

    Back in the 1920’s a man named Rube Goldberg started drawing cartoons for newspapers. They were sketches of very overcomplicated ways to accomplish a simple task. One of his most recognized was Professor Butts and the self-operating napkin. Instead of just using his hand in a simple gesture, there are at least 10 different steps and devices involved. They became so popular that the term Rube Goldberg was added to the dictionary in the 1990’s.

    Fishing with a kite is definitely a Rube Goldberg. Will it work, Sure. Is there a need to do it that way? NOPE!

 It;s not just fishermen who make things more complicated than they need to be either. It seems to be something people in general do. I am sure I have done it myself too. I will probably do it again, so will everybody else.

    For some reason our main problem seems to be our brains most of the time. We get wrapped up in the wrong aspects of things and miss the bigger, easier path. Overthinking can destroy a lot of things that should be easy. I have also been guilty of this. The more I try to make my life easier the harder it gets sometimes. Other people and what they want start to creep into my little world and start fouling up the way it works. Then I start trying to fix whatever is broken. 

    Our brain tells us one thing and everything else says another. Trying to help when we should walk away, trying to walk away when we should help, life can be complicated, if we let it be.

   I try to keep things simple in my life. I enjoy fishing. I don’t need to understand it, I just enjoy it. It brings me peace. I love the outdoors. God created an amazing world for us to live in and love. People and their overly complicated ways are what I have problems with. I just don’t understand most people or why they care about what they do or why they make things so complicated. That’s why I don’t have a lot of people I am close to in my private life. Right now, it’s pretty much me but I’m praying Jesus will change that soon. Time will tell. That’s another thing I learned the hard way, God’s plans are usually a lot simpler than people. Look at government. That’s not God’s creation, that's mans and that’s all I will say about politics.

 I’m just a man, I’m a Christian by Faith, a writer by vocation, and the outdoors is where I find peace. Simple. I like it that way. Kite fishing gives me a headache. If God wanted me to work on complicated things, he would have made me an engineer or politician. I’m neither.

    The only complication I need in fishing is learning to fly fish. It didn’t start out complicated, but it gets complicated, or my brain is in the way again. It’s probably me, it usually is. I am aware of my imperfections and limitations more than anybody else is.

    In conclusion, if you have a brain that likes to make things more complicated than they need to be then by all means try kite fishing. If you are bored with fishing and need a laugh: Try kite fishing. If you want to enjoy a day fishing and just have a good time: STAY AWAY FROM KITE FISHING and anything else that could be a Rube Goldberg. 


Live by Faith. Love the Outdoors. Lief is Out HERE!

written by Benjamin Evans