The Why You Should Go Sailing Guide 

     This isn’t a how to sail guide. This is a “why you should learn to sail guide”. There’s plenty of videos on how to sail but I didn’t find any that were telling people why you should sail. This is the most important part of sailing. Almost. Once you start sailing, you’ll understand.

  Thousands of years ago people learned how to make things that floated on the water. They probably didn’t look like what we think of as boats. Some were more like logs tied together, and they were called rafts. They worked great for a while, but people being people, they improved on this. 

    Instead of rafts the wood became frames and were covered in skins. Still not quite the boats we know, most were just round things called coracles. No bow no stern, just round and floating. You could use a long stick to “Pole” you along or use a paddle. Not exactly great for open waters but rivers and lakes they did great.

   Then somebody stretched one out. It went straighter and moved quicker. Life was getting good. Boats were starting to look like boats. But they were still paddled or poled.

  Until that day when someone saw the wind blowing something across the water and thought “I need the wind to move my boat,” People probably thought they were crazy. An invisible force we can’t control is going to move your boat to where you want. HAHAHAHAHA!

   Then, they did it.

   Very quickly the laughs became Ohs and AAHS. And everybody wanted one. That was when somebody became the most popular person in the village. Their name was Sail.

    So, it’s probably not exactly a historical account of sailing. But I’m a fisherman, lover of the outdoors, and storyteller. And in all honesty, how this happened isn't as important as “You should be doing this.” 

   Being out on the water pushed along by the wind is about as relaxing as it gets. Just you, your guests, the water and the wind. No stress, no hassle. Just letting things happen the way they are supposed to happen. Not a lot of activities in the world now offer this kind of reward. 

    People now get caught up in how I can make this happen, instead of how I can let this happen. Our modern arrogance and false sense of security in tech has made us think we can make things happen. We can’t. There’s plenty of people in therapy who can’t accept how little control over some things they have. Sailing is a much cheaper alternative than pseudo medicine telling you to take a prescription, and everything will be OK. That’s not living, that’s avoiding life. What you really need is Sailing, as a life skill.

   For all of the eco-friendly people in the world, which I am one of, using the wind to power your boat has a zero-carbon footprint. The wind is already there and going. You might as well go along for the ride too. You can run an engine, but you don’t have to. People sailed long before we had outboard engines and got to all the places we go now. Another idea we need to get back to. We can survive without petroleum. More about this in another article.

   The cost of getting from this point to that one using gasoline is IDK how many times more expensive because wind is free and all I do is Fishermans math. But it breaks down like this, gas right now is about $4 a gallon. And climbing / Wind is free. I will let you make your own calculations. There’s also land yachts out there to use on land. Land Sailing / blog articles | Catch More!

 Sailing is different from other forms of travel. It’s not about getting there. You are there. Crazy concept I know, but a true one. In today's world people have their eye on the prize mentality. Whatever that prize may be. It is costing them the journey. If you learn to enjoy the journey, or where you are, instead of just the destination, you’ll have a much better life. Probably a lot less expensive therapy bill too. And prescriptions and doctor bills. Overlooking how to enjoy right now will cost you in the long run.

It's not about getting there; it’s about enjoying where you are, while still moving towards your destination.

    Mind blowing philosophy. Not really, you just have to know where to look.

 There is one thing that sailing requires that everybody needs more of in the world today. If you're going to go out and let an invisible force move you from here to there you have to have one thing, more than any other. 

   You need FAITH. To go out on a boat and let the wind carry you and trust that it won’t just leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere takes faith. Whether they know it or not, sailing is an exercise in faith. This is the one thing that most people in the world need more of now. 

    So, if all those people out there sailing have enough faith to make that journey, what’s stopping you from yours?

All you have to do is believe that you’ll get to where God needs you and hang on. The trip might be more wonderful than you could dream of. Look at everything sailing has done for us. Look at everywhere sailing has taken us. All it took was faith. 

    Make plans, work towards them, be prepared for changes, know that tests will happen, enjoy the journey, and most of all, have faith. It might be a long time before it makes sense but, trust me, there is a plan at work. God always has a plan, a good one. 

  Take part in a tradition that has been around for thousands of years. Let go of trying to force the world to work the way you think it should. Learn to enjoy the journey. Learn to sail, through life and in faith, and on water and land too. Being led by faith will be wonderful it might be even more wonderful than you could dream of. It’s also way cheaper. Let go and start sailing with:

Faith as a life skill.

Enjoy the Outdoors. Life is Out Here!

written by Benjamin Evans