And Furthermore!

Mislead by Science

     As I began my tenure into science, I had every respect that what I thought to be a moral and just path to better all of our brethren as well as the world itself, was to my perception: good. Science, after all, is merely a Greek word for Wisdom. What could be wrong with being wise?

    The answer, in truth, is nothing. There is no harm in being wise. In fact, it would be a grand feat for humanity to actually become wise. Though upon further investigations, it would seem our efforts only moved us further from our intentions. We let our ego be fooled by our enemy into thinking what we had perceived as wisdom but was in fact only useless knowledge. It had no real benefit outside of itself. 

      In short, we have been misled and wisdom is the furthest feat from us. A little knowledge is dangerous, especially if it replaces morals. TRUE wisdom will always come from on high, only deception will be found below. Our hubris is the only thing that might have excelled to new heights, though I suspect even that was only a clever deception as well.

    How far back the infringement on true wisdom began is still being investigated. How much I contributed to the malice is also under scrutiny. Not only by myself but the one other person whose character has no blemish in this, or any other attempt of mine to achieve that which was beyond my scope: My good wife. I am all the more content and positive she will come to the same conclusions as I. We need to look back to move forward. If, in fact, we are still capable of seeing We have a clever enemy, but one that has weaknesses of its own.

    We look back to ancient empires and say “Those were indomitable, we should rebuild it again, but this time its majesty will be above any that has come before it. We will improve on the model that came before us, until it is made right. We have full faculties of where their error lies and shall avoid it. 

   And then we began, not to be virtuous but to make virtue subject to us.


   I would be most impressed by any human interpretation of “Where our forefathers failed, we shall not” to be equitable. Good intentions have indeed been the road to hell in our past, at least in our works. God does know our hearts, and as such, the intentions with which we labor. 

    If you look carefully at that statement, you will find what it constitutes most is pretension.

   All of the ancient empires fell because of reasons that will not be made away with by our will. Any effort at these gestures would result in insanity, good people. To do the same thing and hope for different results would be irresponsible.

     Because we can look back, it would appear to us that we would have insights into a higher wisdom than they. Since we know where the fault lies, we can avoid its pitfalls.

   If it should be made better by any intentions of man, the model would have worked in some previous attempt. There have been more attempts to make right this model than any of us presumably know to have been. 

    Most notable, in our minds, is that of Rome. We all know too well the story of them.

     Perhaps it is an autobiography of an empire we should better familiarize ourselves with now more than ever, to make certain we do not become another chapter in that tale.

Looking Ahead to the Dark Ages

      We as a world were brought out of the darkness by a revival in knowledge and creativity, and inspiration known as the renaissance. Prior to this period were dark days indeed. The world had become plunged into superstition and fear. All around the populace were the vestiges of what would seem to be a better world though none could imagine the greatness that had been.

    Great stone monuments and buildings, writings and stories, art, roads better than we now have, even the means to transport water across vast stretches of acreage had all been prevalent in the time before the darkness set upon them.

    Most of these monoliths belonged to what we know as Rome. To many the greatest empire the world had seen. It too had been brought out of the darkness surrounding it. At least it would appear to have happened as such. But Rome, good people, had been modeled after societies that had come before it too. 

    Cartesian Logic Good People.

   Rome was founded on principles. It was the birth of the republic. One man, one vote, all citizens had a say. The founders believed they were creating a heavenly institute on earth. They were to bring the rest of the world into civilized ways of being. 

    For a time their standard of living would have seemed to most “BETTER”. They were clean, they ate good foods, they were safe from the barbarism they believed tainted the rest of the world. They thought it was their duty to bring the rest of the world into this, civilized way of living. Indeed they did strive to do so.

    The expansion of Rome and its ideals spread across the known world like fire. Conquering foe after foe and embracing them into the idea that they were now Roman. You are now civilized and good.

    Unfortunately, they were pagan and as such Godless creatures who served perverse gods that valued impure desire over anything else. Greed and ambition were considered virtues by the Roman. All hid behind the facade that it is for Rome. I do this, I give the glory to Rome, I serve Rome. We will bring the rest of the world into Rome so that they too may serve Rome. The enemy had laid the groundwork for a great plan, so diabolical it would scar the minds of people for ages after.

     Then the stage was set for the final impurity. The reign of emperors. Now we are shown how virtuous ambition is.

 One man had complete control over all of what had become Rome. More often than not the one man with absolute power was the most corrupt, and most vile of creatures. Rome was no light in the darkness, but darkness masquerading as light. It is another form of darkness, good people, a more dangerous one at that.

     Finally, Rome withdrew back into itself and awaited to receive its death stroke. Which did come. At least for the most part anyway.

    Rome unfortunately was not the first attempt to build such an empire of darkness masquerading as light. There were the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Aztecs in the New World, in India, Asia minor, Asia. Again and again, we see this same model of civility attempting to permeate our world. Always disguised as just and true, only to fall short of its mark when it's true purpose is revealed.

     The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state, came from Roman citizens living under the rule of madmen. How numerous are our laws now, how many rules are we to make in the name of science too? Corruption has permeated all we strove to make before.

    So why then would we keep trying to make better that which we know has no good or merit in itself. I honestly cannot decide if it is more hubris or compassion that makes us so.

   Inside each good person resides a heart. It is this heart that our compassion for others resides. We seek to help the unfortunate. We want to improve the life of those who are suffering, we care for others, gentlemen, and our enemy knows this. Our enemy believes it is our hearts that are our weakest point of attack, how could this possibly come to pass?

     Because they are bereft of compassion, they are lost, good people, only they do not know it. They serve a false master, as we almost did.

   Our enemy has no compassion, only desire for what it wants. Mostly our destruction or to enslave us to wrong merits and pains in our existence. This time, gentlemen, it has hidden itself in plain sight. One we would know as science.

    In our resolve to understand our world better so that we may improve on it for the benefit of all is our main failing. We were blinded by ambition to make a better world. This is not an ambition that should be undertaken by imperfect creatures. It is also inanity to think that what is imperfect could in any way produce anything that is perfect. 

     The good book has warned us of this. “To him above our best works are as filthy rags.”  If there is one thing that we can all agree to be true and good in his worlds it is that book which we so boldly revere. So how do we always come to this? 

    Why do we keep trying to rebuild a tower to the heavens, when we know that is not the way to arrive there?

    That is not a question I could possibly answer, nor could any of us. But we have been given those who by chance or fate or divine intervention try to warn us of the peril we are certainly putting ourselves in.

We have been given eyes to see.

    Look at the world we are building, gentlemen, and industrial revolution is upon us. It will make the world a better place for all who live in it. 

    In our factories we can produce goods by the hundreds that were once produced in the tens. And for a tenth of the cost, yet the profits of which are still escalating. So, tell me, good people, who has that served? Certainly not the everyday folk. 

    They toil and surfer in smoke and coal till they meet their end in some untimely and undignified way, while those who own the conditions live in splendor and without care or cause to the plight of any.

    Even children are not immune to this debauchery, for they too are working in the same conditions as the adults. What are we teaching these future generations of ours, that they do not matter? What will become of the world when they come of age? Certainly not enlightenment, certainly not what is above so shall it be below. Unless in fact we are talking about that which is below us. Evil has begotten evil. Is the world now better for our endeavors?


    I cannot in good conscience abide in such a world. Nor do I imagine any of you could now that truth is emanating from the delusions we have held on to.

    And that is just the beginning. With our new apparatus and modern sorcery, we have created the ways and means to exchange erudition across maps in mere seconds. Not only that, but we can reproduce the speeches of people and replay them at any time for any crowd or gatherings of people. What message will we be sending, good people? That we have coerced the world into believing darkness to be light, or we have been enslaved by our own hubris, once again. Or shall we admit our wrong and walk away from the fool hardy endeavor to make the world work to our will instead of God's.

Return to Faith First

     Our enemy is cunning gentlemen. He can hide amongst our best intentions and dismantle the most just cause of ours. I am afraid we have let him do just that. We sought wisdom and gained injustice. We sought reason and gained malice. We sought a better world and have nearly destroyed it again.

   Where will we stop? How far through history shall we continue on a path that will no doubt rival that of the mighty and perverse Roman Empire, or any that came before it. A world where everything is acceptable, and nothing is good except to those few who have an appreciation for it.

   That is not a better world. It is simply a more tolerable form of Hell. Common decency is not a rule by majority but of morality. 

    In our endeavor to achieve we removed the one thing that should always remain at the center of what is to be, Faith, good people, in our one true savior, Jesus Christ.

    In our vanity we replaced Him with what should never be at its center, our will, our understanding of wisdom. We are, as we well know, corrupted. Since we ate forbidden fruit, we have been fallible, before then even, we had a weakness. We are imperfect creatures at our core. We cannot even comprehend true righteousness. Perfection is simply too much beyond our understanding to be attempted. Yet we keep trying. We keep allowing ourselves to be misled by an adversary who knows our every weakness, every hope, every desire, how we long to better not just our world but ourselves. So much so that we are led astray by him that would destroy us at almost every turn. 

    Almost, but not every.

    In our triumphant defeats by our enemy one thing always remains. Hope gentlemen. Not from us but within us and given to us from Lord on High. Hope that we will eventually see the plans of our enemy and turn back to our creator who loves us. Hope that one day our enemy will know his ultimate defeat and be no more.

   It is of great fortune to all of us that our benevolent father is so merciful. We surely have not deserved it.

   How could we? What can we do?

That part, good people, is not easy. We have to remain faithful to God and not our own visions of what a better world would be until such time as it is created by the creator himself. And it is true that one day it will come. The true kingdom of God will resign on this Earth. May we all be blessed enough to see that day.

   We have to keep hopeful. That a better world will one day be upon us, and that our enemy will not succeed. That from time to time we are given insight into our being led astray and shown the way back onto the true path. God loves us, despite our shortcomings I, for one, am eternally grateful for this.

    No good people, science is not the wisdom we sought after. It was a tool of the enemy to mislead us from joy and in return give us sorrow. Our goals were never to be completed. It is an impossible task for creatures so small as us to understand the infinite wisdom of God. It is time to run away from that which is unholy. It is time to remove ourselves from the ways of our enemy. It is time to make faith the center of our lives and not science. Until such time as God sees fit for us to use such tools with benevolence instead of self-righteousness.

The Devil is in the details. Science has many small details, does it not? Proof was given in the way we tried to classify the animals of this world. Until at long last we were shown even that task was beyond us. 

   There is a choice that each of us must make for ourselves, but I have faith in my good companions and members of the same fellowship. It is time to unlearn most of what we have taught "OURSELVES” to be the truth. 

    It is no longer of any interest to me to classify any part of the natural world or the order of things within it. I am going to make amends for my part in the miseducation of peoples by seeking the only truth that is of any merit. I am going on a sojourn to renew my spirit and my relationship to our heavenly father. 

      I will continue to explore and document my travels but lacking any concern for what or where or the intentions of any creatures observed. Progress will still be made, though perhaps not in the directions that we sought. I seek a more moral compass to guide my endeavors. I have no doubt it shall not be found in the halls of science.

    Hubris, gentlemen. 

     We are meant to serve until such time as we are deemed worthy of any superior task. If any day of that caliber ever arrives.

   I am going to spend more time with my dear wife, and travel. I will spend more time appreciating the things the Lord on High has blessed me with. A smile on her face for example is all the only thing I seek to understand, at present, though I have my doubts as to whether I ever truly understand that either. I am content to know it makes me smile as well. I aim to make my life, and those around me simpler and of more benefit in areas that we all know to be true because of who the command has been given us.

    In short, gentleman, I am retiring from science. It is and shall be as far as I can see, a deception of what we should be hoping to attain. Heaven on Earth will never come from science. It will never come from the mind of men. It will come from God. There is simply no other way.

   There is no wisdom in man's understanding, only God’s wisdom. That is the wisdom we should be seeking. 

The enemy misled us again. Thankfully his plans have been thwarted, at least in this instance and for myself. The choice is still your gentlemen. The world awaits your decision. I do not.

    I, good people, am going to learn how to fish. 

     That is my most pressing pursuit, after seeking favor from our Lord, and admiring the smile of my dear wife. It is going to be an adventure like I have never dreamed. One I have put off far too long. I will send correspondence as I am directed by the only authority I am to answer too. Good day, gentleman, I wish you well and hope you make discriminations with a wisdom beyond the competence you have thus far shown to possess. May Heaven watch over us, and in all we endeavor may it bring glory to our father Above.

    I leave this unsanctified place with a perplexing only we misguided fools could understand. My heart is broken by the understanding of my own hubris, yet at the same time I am overwhelmed by a spirit of joy. It is not the end of things, as we feared it might be, but a beginning to things as they should be. 

   Life gentlemen is about to begin.

   I am on a journey filled with wonders I never dreamed possible. I have joy instead of knowing, I have hope where once I had reason, but most important of all, I have faith in our Lord on High and in us as well. There is indeed hope. There are certainly miracles, but they require, like all good things in life, Faith in the one thing truly greater than we can ever hope to be and in His good and perfect plan.

    Now, if I have the saying correctly, I am going to “Wet a hook.” Catching fish is not really my goal, only to appreciate the experience of “Fishing”.

    Good life, good people. I hope you learn to live it.

  After this Sir Heller walked out of the lyceum and his face never graced the halls of the institute again. He did, however, leave a note on the door some days later. It was an apology,not to any of the members, especially not to any who stayed within its vestiges to attempt to create what he had so rightfully removed himself, but to what he had called “The devil made monkey.”

    It was this “Squirrel” that had begun his battle with the institute of science to begin with. It had come full circle. Sir Heller was thanking the squirrel for showing him the errors upon which the institute of science had been founded.


   He would continue to send his correspondence as he saw fit to. Time was a constraint he had been alleviated of, as he put it. But that is an image of a man at peace with the world that had only happened after the event in this catalog. One that will eventually make its way onto the light of day. When the world is ready.

    Bravo Sir Heller! 

You did it Ol Boy.

They will come around.


written by Benjamin Evans