My name is Pedemont Cadogan. I had the pleasure of working for Sir Isaac Heller Fitzhugh for most of his campaigns. The pages are from his personal journal. 

    He was a truly fascinating man to work for. One of the most optimistic people I have ever known. There’s a lot to be learned just from that. That and his tenacity. He would not budge an inch if he believed he was just in his observations. Maybe he was justified in the way he saw things.  Or by the way he saw them. He had a thing for rhetoric. Conundrums in conversation. 

    He really was quite educated. He was like a living breathing encyclopedia. Full of knowledge most had either not grasped yet, or did not want to grasp at all. 

    He attended Cambridge University from 1798 -1804 and acquired degrees in biology and anthropology.

His post graduate studies are somewhat of a myth. It is known he had planned on and was in the process of attending, but “Fate called him elsewhere.” The conditions of this are as of yet, unknown.

    He did quote more than once “Not all education has a practical application in the  world of the substantive.”

   I’m not quite sure how much contact Sir Heller actually had in this “world of the substantive” as he called it. I must admit, it would be quite nice to live as completely removed from all previous knowledge and grasp of the cosmos as he does. Yet his observations were, 

Astonishing. In hindsight.

    Intent is derived from the hearts of us Peddemont. We are never wrong if our purpose is true and our intention is good. 

Just wrongly misunderstood. One day gentlemen, One day.

     Several disciplinary actions resulted from self-described “Impromptu Debate”

Others described it as another of Isaac’s Stultitia (Latin for folly)

   He uncannily slipped away from imminent ruination numerous times. Mostly attested to the phrase “God watches over fools and drunks.” 

He did not drink. 

Unless the occasion absolutely demands it. There have been 3 of these occasions noted. All of which ended in “stultitia.” 

Remarkably none were seen as being of his design or involvement. Others might disagree. Wrong place right time. 

    He was either a genius or incredibly oblivious to his surroundings. Or both? There is not another of the like.

   At one formal inquiry to one of his Stultitia he made the remark “It was unknown to me until afterwards what that phrase meant. After closer inspection, I am still unaware of its intent.”

After the laughter ceased, he was acquitted. His accusers were then formally brought to inquiry. They did fair as well. 

“Intent is derived from the hearts of us.”

   After his 3rd voyage into the wilds of his surroundings, London,  he became infuriated at the lack of education of his compatriots and began working on his masterpiece

“The Journal of a Natural Historian”  in an attempt to inform the general populace of their world.

     It was never put into print in his lifetime. But it has proven to be a darker world without him. So I took it upon myself to complete his works.

   Mostly it should be seen as a comedy or satire. There are occasional gems of truth throughout, but I am unsure how he came to these conclusions. Some higher form of intelligence.. For all his lack of wisdom in understanding people in the beginning, Sir Heller was actually very observant. Maybe a little too observant. Maybe he really was just that much smarter than everyone else.

 He lost quite a few pugilistic encounters from being unaware of the attitude he was provoking in the crowd. But usually, he was right. From a certain point of view. His focus was always on truth. As he saw it. Heard quite a few other words for it from others.


    He always had the best intentions and really was trying to enlighten people to his observations. Which seems to be the problem. Not all people want to be enlightened. Most are content to be unaware of how things are through the eyes of someone else. The mirror is friend to only the brave,

 or oblivious. 

     It can also be said of Sir Heller he most certainly and wholeheartedly believed his observations were true. The facts might have been wrong, but he did believe it to be true. You will see his great debate on truth versus fact in a later journal. One of the few Stultita he walked away from unharmed. 

     I think he even managed to convince some of them to support his theory on it. It didn’t happen often but when it did, it was remarkable.

   Sir Heller was that all the time anyway. Remarkable. 

Ahead of his time.

    Never got over that monkey. Or squirrels. Or whatever. He did have a point. 

    Whether or not you accept his observations is up to you. I am merely the messenger. But I do believe the world deserves to hear his story, his observations, and even his Stultita.

  I learned a lot from the gentleman. I hope you do as well. If not I hope you have a laugh at a different point of view. People like Sir Heller don’t come into the world often enough. This one should definitely never be forgotten.

     In between each journal entry I’ll do my best to describe the events from my point of view. At least to the best of my knowledge.

    Some I was laughing so hard I could barely see. Then others I was so astonished at the man's brilliance that the events that led to it were almost hard to believe. Let alone remember.

   Admittedly there are a couple that brought tears to my eyes. You never saw those coming either. 

   It was always an adventure. Always a venture into the unknown whenever Sir Heller began to speak.  Will this be a time we have to run, limp, laugh, cry, or shake hands and walk away with dignity. 

     Dignity was something you could not pry loose from him either. That and integrity. He would not indulge in anything he felt degraded him, his faith, or other human beings. He truly believed he was on the side of justice and righteousness. 

     Maybe he really was. Maybe he was just so far ahead of the rest of us that it eluded us.

    Sir Heller's truth or his Stultatia. By the end you’ll wonder which was which too. 

It “will” make you think. It “might” make you smile. It “will” definitely be the topic of conversation more than once.

    I think Sir Heller would be smiling to know his journals and observations are finally being read by people of a different time. Maybe people have caught up to his “Way of seeing things”. Time will tell.

    You did it Sir Isaac Heller Fitzhugh. 

One day, gentlemen

 One Day. . . . .

   To be continued