My Apologies, Mr Squirrel

Looking back

    When I first encountered this creature, I was beguiled by its demeanor and presence. If I were to describe this creature, in only written language, it would seem to all, as it did myself, to be a monkey or some other form of primate. 

    That is where part of the problem had hidden itself. The language we had become accustomed to was by no means adequate to describe the creatures we have found amongst us. The method by which we catalog them is all but a useless endeavor or is in more need of address than I believe it will be given. Are they to make a new name for celestial bodies other than what we now have? More than planets, moons, comets, and the like?


    The universe is at the same time an ever-evolving place and an unchanging one. Not one of our definitions of anything will change one small part of it. The only thing that will change is the way it is looked upon. There is only one thing I know of that will always be looked upon as GOOD and is it that I make my center. Thank you, Jesus, for your mercy and for correcting my path. Though I may stumble I will ceaselessly regain my footing and begin with a more triumphant stride than ever before. Falling is expected, staying down is unacceptable. 

   I have lost sight of the purpose we had begun this endeavor with. 

What were we really trying to make? 

What plans did our enemy hope to progress other than our destruction again?

  How foolish our enemy is to think anything of God can be destroyed by them. They too have been tested, only to fail under the laws of God, again. While we mere men continue to try to make our way home to Him, in spite of our flaws. It is our flaws that make the possibility of miracles.

    I seek not to understand the devices of our enemy, as nothing good would ever come of it. You cannot defeat the darkness by becoming darkness yourself. We must, at all costs, hope to become lights to fight the darkness. That is how our enemy is ultimately defeated gentlemen.

    The further we went in our own devices the further removed from God’s plan we were to become. No gentlemen, we were not on a path of light but one that would no doubt lead only to more darkness. 

   I am quite certain some will continue to force their method onto a world that will exist, as it always has, with or without the so-called men of science and their categorizations. I too was once one of them. For a while it seemed a worthy endeavor. Until I met what I had described as the devil made monkey.

   By trying to make this misunderstood creation of Lord on High fit into a predisposed pattern created by men below, and mostly of my own design, my sanity was challenged. It seemed that this “devil made monkey” that I so wrongly named, was not a creature of pure evil whose only purpose was to torment the very fiber of my soul. It was, as it remains now and forever, a harmless creature of the world God created. There is no malice inherent in the Squirrel except what I had envisioned and placed upon it.

    At least I do not believe it now 

The Lord works in mysterious ways that are far above the comprehension I am capable of attaining. I am certain He had a reason for my spiral into indignation. Perhaps my skills are needed elsewhere in His good and perfect plan. I can only pray he will still find use for me in a new endeavor. Life begins again! A better life to be sure.

Moving forward

   I am, poor kindred spirit of ours, pursuing other endeavors at this point in the hope that God has a new plan for me and my talents. The pursuit of science and the trickery it begets, and the way it misleads most of those who are among its proponents, is no longer a madness I am contagious with.

    I have been cured. 

  I was blind but now I see.

    The goals I had hoped to attain will no longer cause me strife or tribulations. Though I am quite certain others will arise in whatever pursuits any of us attempt. Our enemy knows no rest and we are outnumbered but we will ultimately be victorious! 

   I am sorry for thinking you are an adversary of mine, Squirrel. You are a clever opponent indeed, but not one of mine. You as my enemy was a falsehood, I had created to tame what we cannot understand and make it conform to our ways, instead of God’s ways.

   The only enemy to be found within you was one I had created. Now that I have been shown veritas, you were more teacher than adversity. I am glad to have graduated from the university of prudence and conviction that you so well educated me in. 

   I am looking forward to new teachers and challenges, new lessons, mostly in fishing and the frontier of the new world. 

   God never said it would be easy in this world, but eventually we will know paradise. Eden awaits us at home.

   Unchanged view of Felines as Pets

    While I was bewitched into thinking the squirrel was the devil made monkey, I had other revelations and observations, that, as I am in no way apologetic about, still seem by all means and ways: TRUE.

   Most notably is the case of the Feline that has made pets of men and women. I cannot but in any way see it for what it is. The feline is most certainly not a pet of any person. People are in fact the pets of these creatures. This is an axiom that is unchallenged as of yet. 

     It is still a most perplexing array of events to my now revisional mind and spirit. I will not dwell on this debacle for any length of time. Nor will I attempt to rectify this fallacy with an idiom of truth to bring it to halt.

   I am certain that their aberration is most likely contagious as any sickness might be, a malady of the mind, and perhaps morality. What do these personages seek to find by enslaving themselves to the feline?

   That is the length of the investigation into this I am prepared to take. My soul, sanity, and freewill are more important to me than any deceptions of felines. 

People make cute pets for cats.

written by Benjamin Evans

  Perhaps one day truth will come to them, and sanity will be restored. Then they can start living the way God has intended instead of a life made to serve Catus. What strange sorcery and ungodliness has made such Mal contentedness to search for joy by being subjected to the will of an animal?   

    Finally, I recommend only this: Please, get a canine. They make the most wonderful additions to any household and are quite glad to serve their adopted families and feel as if they are part of those families. Indeed, they are part of the family. Any good family will almost certainly have dogs, though it is not an indication of goodness itself. Dogs resemble their masters, they say.

Not the Devil Made Monkey

    To be short, Mr. Squirrel you are in no ways a devil. I am making my utmost attempt to rectify this blunder that I had created. My recompense will be your name uttered by me to all I share my story with. Not, the Devil made monkey but squirrel. Yes, simple creature, you are indeed a squirrel. 

    You are far more than just a creature to me and will forever be more than I can possibly hope to explain but will nonetheless try. It has been stated by more than one person that I have a tenacity of language. It was a kind way of saying I am long winded. Thankfully I do see it as truth but one I am most certainly comfortable with.

    In the times to come Mr. Squirrel I will tell stories of your grandeur and unrivaled chivalry. If it is by my means possible, I will make you the most majestic of beasts to which there is no equal. It is, after all, the least I could do.

    What fate would have befallen me if it had not been for you and the madness caused by the rules of which we were trying to govern ourselves and the world around us. I dare not think about the full conclusion of that disastrous path. 

    My eyes were laid on truth because of your humble creature. Thank you, brother! There is certainly an Oak Tree for you and your kind in Heaven. I will visit them often and we will joke of our tumultuous past. I am forever looking onward to those days ahead when the curse of this world is lifted, and it is paradise again. One filled with Squirrels.

    My hat is off to you Sir Squirrel and my head is bowed. You humbled me. I am grateful.

Mysterious Ways

    Our most mighty Lord Above works in ways that we most likely will never understand. It is not our place to understand the plans of the creator of all things. It is our place to serve him to the best of our abilities and praise him even when we do not understand what circumstance has befallen us. These are in fact the times we meant to praise him most. The times that it is hardest to praise him.

   Tests and trials are coming to us all. There may be no end to them till we are called home to the Kingdom we are promised to for acceptance of his Lordship and the gift he has given us by his blood.

   It is that blood that frees us from sin, that alone. It is never Jesus and, simply, Jesus saved us.

   He does teach us through whatever means he deems fit to. In my case it was a squirrel that I had named “the devil made monkey”.

    There was no evil or malice in this creature. It is simply another of God's good creations that I by chance, or more likely, God's plan, observed and could not make it bend to my will or understanding of things. That is where the malice was, in me, not in this creature.

   This is usually the case; our will is the biggest enemy of us. It gets in the way of things of Heaven, like God’s plan for us. 

    Jealousy, malice, lies, envy, pride, are constraints of our ego not of God’s plan. I am forever grateful for this small creature of God. Though it is of a small stature and is ambivalent to its part in this path, it makes way for monolithic changes to come. I have been shown a better way.

   The path God has laid before me is one I cannot see but do have landmarks and a map of where I think God wants it to lead. I only hope I can stay faithful to it. I am, after all, only a man and we are prone to mistakes.

    Luckily, I worship a God who is known for mercy and kindness, to those who follow him. He is also given to bless his family with what we are in need of most. I can do all things through Jesus Christ, who gives me strength. 

    I am most certainly blessed and humbled by it. The Lord saved me from certain disaster and ultimately led countless others down a path to ruin. Except for “The devil made monkey. My fiend has become my friend. 

    Mysterious ways indeed.

   I am also more aware now than ever that sin is something we shall never escape in this life, unless the true Kingdom of God is established in our life. We must ask forgiveness every day, multiple times throughout the day would be better, because no one will pass that we do not commit some affront. We are so removed from perfect we haven't the presence of mind to be aware of all we do wrong.

    My dear squirrel you have made me humbler and a better servant to our Christ than the institute I had previously sought to dwell ever could have.

    Seeking acknowledgement from peers was a form of hubris I had not the reason to admit, Until I beheld “the Devil Made Monkey”. 

   That “Devil Made Monkey” is now an angel sent “Squirrel”. I hope and pray others have an encounter with such an adversary as I did and that their eyes are opened as mine were. 

Good day to All Who Read this. I am off to new and truer endeavors.