As far as I know, no one does everything right, the first time. Or at least I didn't. I made a lot of mistakes. Took the wrong path., made a bad decision, you know the drill. We all do. We are supposed to. That's right. We are supposed to get it wrong sometimes. 

    Maybe not so much as we are supposed to get it wrong as God already knew we would. he knows we are not perfect. He made us that way. Luckily, he loves us anyway. If we don't make mistakes we probably aren't trying.

   It's how we learn, sometimes. It's how God teaches appreciation. "You want to stay on that road, fine. Here's where it leads. Or you can backtrack, correct that, do this, and I'll get you there."  There are all kinds of places we don't belong.   And God will let you go to them. If he chooses.

    We are not perfect creations. We are flawed. We cannot change this. Mistakes will happen. There are also a lot of things and people in the world who only want to see us fail. They actually go out of their way to try and mislead us. God knows about them too. He's got an eye on everything.

    Some of us are hardheaded. I am, well, I used to be. Now I'm determined. There is a difference. Learning the difference. Let's just say I don't envy you. But I do hope you learn it, if you need to. Not everybody does.  We are not all made the same. We don't all have the same calling. God has different plans for all of us. 

   He actually expects us to get it wrong from time to time. That' s where the mercy comes in. Luckily, for us, there is mercy.  Luckily, he gives us a chance, to get it right. I'm working on that now. Work being the key word. He doesn't GIVE anything. But if you follow the steps, eventually, you'll see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Or a smile, or whatever. 


    Finding your path, and place, and purpose, and someone, all take time and a lot of mistakes. Don't be afraid of making them. Fear, once again, is the enemy. 



Learn from them. Use them. Appreciate them. Be grateful for them. Just don't cling to them. Let them go and get back on track. You'll know what's right for you. Don't let anybody decide that for you. Listen to your heart. Trust that there is a plan at work. Don't be lazy. It will take a lot of work to get there. I MEAN A LOT OF WORK! Luckily for me, I like working. 

    So, go out and make some mistakes. Take some chances. Have some faith, have some courage, and do the work. You might not see any difference for a while, and then one day.


Have heart, have faith, live with a passion for a better world and a better you. Live outdoors.