Recently I was speaking to a man who had been on the Gulf Coast in hurricane Katrina.  he had lost everything: House, clothes, vehicle. all gone or destroyed. Like a lot of people who had been in the path of that storm, and many more since.

    After it he had one flip-flop, a t shirt, and 2 pair of shorts. That was literally everything. It had all blown away almost in an instant. In what had been his greatest moment of despair something happened. Something amazing.

   In all the destruction the first living thing he saw was a tiny bright yellow butterfly. It just came fluttering like nothing had happened at all. That little delicate thing had survived the onslaught of the storm. And was doing quite well.

    He didn't know how it had survived.  Did it manage to find that one tree that didn't get blown over and washed away? Was it blown in with the storm, just hanging on till it was over? Did it survive out of sheer will? Determined to live. Was it safely tucked away in a cocoon? Then the destruction released it as something beautiful.

   It doesn't really matter how. That's not where the miracle is. IT DID SURVIVE. And became something more than it was before. That's a miracle. They happen a lot more than people think. They've just been taught to ignore it or disbelieve it. They trust science and other wrong ideas, instead of faith. The butterfly hadn't been taught any of these. It did exactly what it needed to. 

   Now, whenever he sees one of the little delicate creatures he's reminded "God is always with us. When God is with us there is always a way."

   So, I'll let you make your own conjecture on how it did it. Just as long as you believe if that little delicate creation can survive that storm, you too can survive the trials you face. You might emerge as something better than before. Something beautiful. All of God's creations are.  He works in mysterious ways.

    Never underestimate the power of faith. Never underestimate the butterfly. Never underestimate yourself.